Leitung: Prof. Dr. Dirk Lange; Mitarbeiter: Dr. Norbert Cyrus

Förderer: EU; Volumen: 280.000 EUR ; Laufzeit: 2006-2008
FörderNr.: 230022-CP-1-2006-1-DE-GRUNDTVIG-G11


Duration: 24 months starting the 01/10/2006
Populations of immigrant origin are growing in Europe. However, immigrants are underrepresented in many fields of civic activities. Therefore, raising immigrants’ civic participation is a crucial issue for democracy in the European Union. The enhancing of immigrants’ participation is an important task for adult education.

The project WinAct aims at encouraging and enabling adult educational professionals to conduct workshops with the aim of raising civic participation of immigrants in trade unions and political parties. The course targets adult educational professionals all over Europe who are interested in promoting immigrant participation. Many of them are expected to be of immigrant origin.

Specifically, the transnational team from Germany, Ireland, Norway, Romania and Portugal

  • develops and tests five workshop modules (base, party-specific, trade-union specific, Ireland and Norway)
  • tests and offers Grundtvig Training courses to introduce the workshop modules to adult educators and to encourage and enable them to adjust and complement the workshop modules for their own countries
  • runs a website in order to disseminate the project results and to encourage exchange and participation beyond the participants and beyond the project duration.

Building on ongoing EU-funded research, WinAct is innovative in strengthening the links not only within adult education, but by making recent research findings accessible without loss of time.