Relevant Experience

2012-2014 Associate Postdoctoral Researcher
Center for South-North Cooperation in Educational Research and Practice, Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, in scientific collaboration with the AGORA Politische Bildung, Institute für
Politische Wissenschaft, Leibniz Universität Hannover

Key competencies and areas of engagement include:

  • Citizenship awareness research in gender and postcolonial perspective – a promising new scientific contribution to effective decolonization, sustainable learning & societal transformation.
  • Methodologies and methods of interdisciplinary research; international comparative educational research methods and educational research methods in specific African post development contexts.
  • Feminist epistemologies of gender; postcolonial theory; theory building, praxis and methodologies of educational sciences.
  • Intercultural education, indigenous knowledge and arts-based learning.
  • Delivering Workshop and Block Seminars; supervising doctoral students.
  • Faculty advising on East African higher education.
  • Presenting working papers at international conferences and preparing background papers for scientific meetings.
  • Active participation in drafting funding proposals combined with key consultative participation in successfully planning and initiating the Center of Excellence for Educational Research Methods in East and South Africa.
  • Publication Forthcoming: Citizenship Awareness Research and Citizenship Education as a Decolonization Approach. Towards reconstructing a theory of citizenship education for postcolonial Africa

2010-2012 Research Consultant
Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP), Ottawa

  • Participated in the development of the OLIP community wide strategy for the settlement and integration of immigrants and new comers to Ottawa.
  • Worked in a framework of community based participatory research integrating collective planning and inter-sectoral collaboration and promoting holistic integration through five sector tables: economic integration; health and wellbeing; education; language and training supports; settlement and institutional capacity building.
  • Supported the educational sector table in the endeavor to reduce the opportunity gap faced by immigrant students, with special emphasis on students in low-income neighbourhoods constituting a high concentration of immigrant families.
  • Participated in identifying strategies for creating more opportunities for immigrant youth to develop skills to access higher education and job opportunities.
  • Undertook inventory of community resources to foster amongst other things the creation of integrated neighbourhood-based supports for schools, communities, and families.
  • Explored the social context and responsive strategies for strengthening parent engagement, and resource mobilization.

2008-2009, Completing Doctoral Research
Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany

Areas of focus include:

  • Migration, the sociology of gender and international labour markets.
  • Educational and social biographies of migrant women and labour market integration in international comparative perspectives (Germany and England).
  • Postcolonial theory, grounded theory, intercultural and critical pedagogy.

2007-2008 Health Promotion Research Assistant, Poverty and Public Policy
Pinecrest-Queensway Health and Community Services (On Contract)

  • Explored the social context of the disproportionate high school dropout rates amongst youth with a migration background and reflected evidence-based community strategies and their compatibility to different contexts.
  • Conducted research on crime prevention, community health and poverty issues amongst youth at risk in urban communities; worked with municipal and local government levels.
  • Developed interview and focus group research tools including participatory research methods and strategies for community assessments, community mapping, data collection and analysis; worked with multilevel stakeholders in collaborative leadership.
  • Identified promising practices and research gaps with suggestions for policy changes and implementing lessons learnt; worked in a framework of evidence-based models.
  • Designed framework for developing action plans and intervention strategies for effecting change, program improvement and crime prevention amongst youth in urban communities.

2005-2006, University Community Partnerships on Social Policy Research: Diversity and Social Economic Integration in Ottawa
School of Social Work, Carleton University & Social Planning Council, Ottawa, ON

  • Promoted holistic integration of immigrants (individuals, groups, youth and families) by exploring the context of diversity, exclusion, social and economic integration in Ottawa to provide a basis for responsive policy making.
  • Developing research instruments; conducting focus groups with parents, youth and students on educational, social, institutional barriers & opportunities; data evaluation and reflection of results; identifying promising strategies & intervention practice guidelines.
  • Mapping community infrastructure & services; policy analysis and contributing to building capacity of agencies to identify and respond better to social & economic issues.

2003.2005 Liaison for Intercultural Affairs for Schools
IBIS Interkulturelle Arbeitsstelle Oldenburg, Germany

  • Liaised between schools and the community to foster stronger partnerships through research, documentation, education and public relations advancing the north-south dialogue, human rights, intercultural communication.
  • Presented cross-cultural workshops and acted as expert representation at internal and external meetings; promoted active dialogue, intercultural competencies.

2001-2000 Tutor

Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany
International Office, University of Oldenburg, Germany

  • Mentoring, counselling international students, general orientation of students into the academic program, accessing scholarships and funding.
  • Networking with diverse university departments, organizations and external agencies.
  • Actively participating in organizing fund-raising initiatives, coordinating special events, promoting integration between international students and German students.
  • Taught German to international students.
  • Organised seminars and academic events.

2009 -2010 Community Organization & Outreach
COMPAC, Ottawa.

  • Attending community meetings and actively promoting dialogue on intercultural relations with community groups (Church, Mosque, Immigrant Associations, etc.).

2006-2007 Children and Youth Work
Cardinus Housing Co-op, Ottawa, ON

  • Worked with children, youth and parents from diverse backgrounds.
  • Program development to strengthen social competencies and cross cultural communication.

1999-2000 Committee Member
University Organization for International Students (HGAS), University of Oldenburg, Germany

  • Building and maintaining strong partnerships with collaborative partners such as ASTA, KHG, ESG; organizing cultural events.
  • Promoting international students’ public engagement and orientation into the university.
  • Organising seminars on emerging national and international social political themes.


2009 Ph.D in Education
Carl Von Ossietzky University Oldenburg, Germany

2010 Publication: Norah Barongo-Muweke (2010): Gender, ethnicity, class and subjectification in
international labour migration. University of Oldenburg. Bis Verlag.